Optical Family
Typefaces were originally designed for the physical size at which they were to be printed, with subtle variations in proportion, detail, contrast, and visual weight to ensure they were as clear at 6 pt. as they were elegant at 68 pt. This created a unified design as the various sizes were set together on a page.
Stickley Optical Family is ten distinct cuts across four optical masters: Display for titling; Headline for emphasis; Text for page content; and Caption for footnotes and small sizes.
Opentype features include ligatures, oldstyle and lining figures, alternates, Central European characters, and italic Swash Caps.
Stickley Optical Family is classic in its roots, pulling from Humanist and Oldstyle history, yet contemporary in its execution. It is quiet in its presentation and meant to allow clarity and legibility while adding its own refined character.
With these typefaces come all that modern technology can offer along with the craft and intricacies of original optical master sets.
Download the specimen chapbook: Stickley Optical Family
Available for purchase from: P22 Type Foundry